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The Network Chart Show - David 'Kid' Jensen
1st programme broadcast on September 30th 1984

David 'Kid' Jensen

David 'Kid' Jensen

David 'Kid' Jensen

Text extracted from and the IBA Television and Radio 1986 yearbook:

Despite a decline in record sales over the years, there remains a very substantial interest among listeners in the national charts. It had been known for some time that a sizeable proportion of the audience for BBC Radio One's Sunday afternoon chart show consisted of otherwise loyal ILR listeners.

In October 1984, ILR met the challenge and scheduled its first simultaneously broadcast music programme directly against the BBC's chart. The Network Chart Show is presented by David 'Kid' Jensen, of Capital Radio, and taken by virtually all the Independent Local Radio stations in the UK. In its first six months on air it virtually doubled ILR's Sunday afternoon audience.

Record sales data are drawn from a panel of 300 record retailers throughout the UK, and compiled by MRIB. The Network Chart is processed rapidly - much faster than most other national charts. The final positions are available to the show's producers at Capital Radio early Friday afternoon and ready for Sunday transmission at 5 p.m. The information is also immediately available , by teleprinter, to all the other stations.

David 'Kid' Jensen got his nickname when he joined Radio Luxembourg and became that station's youngest presenter. It stuck through his Radio Trent and Radio One days and is still with him at Capital Radio where he also hosts a daily show. The moment he opens his programme on Sunday afternoons his voice is fed all over the country, through complex technical arrangements including independent Radio News' contribution line circuits. His enthusiasm, pace and style of presentation, combined with up-to-date information has created a winning formula for The Network Chart Show. So much so that not only can ILR boast to be the first with new chart positions, but David Jensen won a nomination for `UK Personality of the Year' in the 1985 Sony Radio Awards.

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