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Lost 45's

Dave Jamieson

Lost 45's with Dave Jamieson

Dave's got a huge music collection and a big part is those songs you have completely forgotten about. Dave calls them the Lost 45's - if you like eclectic then listen to Dave on Sundays from 10 am.

Hear the show again:
Sunday at 6.00pm and Thursday at 8.00pm (all UK time)

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The FAB Weekend

Jeff Harris The FAB Weekend with Jeff Harris

Start your Saturday mornings with a bright and breezy mix of the greatest songs of all time, including a quick glide through the music catalogue of some of our greatest music icons in the feature 'Track Record.'

Jeff's history at: Mercia FM

Saturday Night Out

Kevin Sykes

Saturday Night Out produced by Kevin Sykes

Get ready for your Saturday Night Out and listen to extended mixes and megamixes of Club, Disco, Dance, Pop, House and more.

With music from the decades covering the mid to late 70's upwards exclusive to FAB FM, these mixes cannot be heard anywhere else!

Saturday evenings between 6:00 and 8:00 pm. Now that's Fabulous Music!

Saturday Night Out - About!

Kev's history at: Mercia FM The Mercia Mix Leicester Sound FM The Power Mix



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